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Solar Lights

Solar Lights

Brighten up your garden this Summer with our selection of outdoor solar lighting. Installation is easy - with no power supply required these decorative fixtures are charged by the sun during the day, then turn on when dusk arrives. Choose from a range of string and fairy lights, wall and security lights and even flickering flame-effect lighting for a cosy feel.

Solar Garden Lights

Reliable garden lighting with zero energy costs.

Outdoor solar lights are a high quality and environmentally friendly alternative to mains powered outdoor lights with many advantages.

Solar powered lighting fixtures are very simple to install and provide excellent versatility to allow you place your lights in the best location to provide decorative or accent lighting for your outdoor space without the need for a mains power socket.


Combining low energy LEDs with efficient solar panels, our solar lights use the free energy of the sun to charge internal batteries during the day. These batteries are then used to provide power to the lights during the hours of darkness. When switched on, the lights will automatically illuminate at dusk using a low-level light sensor and provide lighting for up to six hours.

How long will solar lights stay lit?

Solar lights are designed to charge the batteries during the day via the solar panel and automatically light up at night. The expected illumination time is determined by the amount of exposure the solar panel receives during the day and how bright a day it has been. The batteries may not fully charge on very dull and overcast days.


Typical illumination times:


2 to 5 hours


Up to 6 hours


2 to 5 hours


0 to 2 hours

How should I look after my solar lights?

You should periodically check your solar panels and brush away any dust or dirt that may have accumulated on their surface - this will ensure maximum exposure to sunlight during the day.


If your solar LED garden light has an on/off switch you can turn them off for a couple of days to give your batteries a 'boost charge' - this is also highly recommended on first use.

Where is the best position for solar lights?

You should position your solar light in location that receives good exposure to sunlight and is not obscured by shadows such as trees or buildings.


Some products, such as solar string lights or solar fairy lights feature a solar panel with a 2-metre lead to allow the panel to be positioned away from the solar lights in an area that receives the best exposure.


You should rotate your solar panel to a south-facing direction.

Replacing the batteries?

You may find that after a couple of years use, the re-chargeable batteries do not perform as well as when new. However, most of our solar lights can have their batteries replaced. The type of replacement battery required is stated in our product descriptions.

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