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LED Linear

LED Linear Light Bulbs

Linear LED light bulbs are the energy efficient alternative to the older halogen bulbs. You’ve probably seen them before in things like floodlights, security lights or any other outdoor light fittings where a bright, clear light is required.

Grid View
  • Prolite LED 118mm Linear R7s 14W Dim 3000K R7S/LED/14W/118/3K/DIM Image 1
  • Crompton LED 78mm Linear R7s 6W 3000K (50W Eqv) 10994 Image 1
  • Crompton LED 118mm Linear R7s 9W 3000K (70W Eqv) 11014 Image 1
  • Osram LED Linear R7s 8W 2700K 4058075812178 Image 1