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Miniature Screw

Miniature Screw Light Bulbs

Miniature Edison Screw MES-E10 light bulbs and Candelabra Screw CES-E12 light bulbs are commonly found in chandeliers, night lights, torches and decorative lamps.

Grid View
  • Candle E12 25W Warm White Clear Screw CES Image 1
  • Candle E12 40W Warm White Clear Screw CES Image 1
  • Orbitec 19x48mm Miniature E12 7W CES Image 1
  • Crompton 22x50mm Microwave E17 15W 2800K AM15CE17 Image 1
  • International 11x24mm 5V Miniature E10 1W 11/4.8/1.44/E Image 1
  • 19x48mm 24V Miniature E12 5W XLV24V5WE12 Image 1
  • 13x34mm 24V Miniature E12 3W XLV24V3WE12 Image 1