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LED Spotlight

LED Spotlight Bulbs

LED Spotlight bulbs use 90% less power than the more traditional bulbs, which means that they’re a great energy saving option.

Our site is the best place to find a range of LED GU10 and MR11 bulbs, and you’ll find everything from warm white LED GU10s, to cool white GU10 LED bulbs. These energy saving bulbs light up straight away, which means that you can make the most of their energy saving qualities without having to wait for the bulb to warm up.

What is a GU10 Spotlight Bulb?

The GU10 is the most common type of spotlight bulb found in most homes today. It is otherwise known as a PAR16 light bulb and is often used in places where a bright, directional light is needed, such as kitchens and workspaces. It has the classic spotlight shape, with a narrow base that widens into a flat or slightly rounded aperture.

GU10 refers to the type of fittings these light bulbs have. Two short, square-ish pins protrude from the base of the light bulb. Like the bayonet cap, this is a ‘push-and-twist’ type of fitting (although a GU10 spotlight bulb will not fit in a BC fitting and vice versa). Be careful not to confuse a GU10 spotlight bulb with an MR16 light bulb. The two look almost identical, except for the fittings, which are much smaller, needle-like pins on an MR16 and will not fit a GU10 lamp.

LED GU10 light bulbs have been designed to look like the halogen light bulbs they supersede. They have the classic GU10 shape and closely resemble their halogen counterparts, available in a range of colour temperatures and in both dimmable and non-dimmable varieties.

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