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Food and Preparation

Shatterproof Food Preparation Lighting

Browse the range of food preparation lighting below, and make sure you're cooking up a storm without breaking the government's rules and regulations. Specialised shatterproof tubes are an essential safety measure for food preparation areas.

Grid View
  • Sylvania Fluorescent 6ft T8 70W Dim 3000K FHE70W/T8/176 1857 Image 1
  • Crompton LED 2ft T8 9W 6500K LFT29DL-SF Image 1
  • Sylvania Fluorescent 3ft T8 30W Dim 3000K FHE30W/T8/176 1856 Image 1
  • Sylvania Fluorescent 2ft T8 18W Dim 3000K FHE18W/T8/176 1855 Image 1
  • Crompton LED 2ft T8 9W 4000K LFT29CW-SF Image 1
  • Crompton LED 2ft T8 9W 3000K LFT29WW-SF Image 1