GU10 LED Bulbs: What's Under the Bonnet?


It's amazing how much innovation and technology goes into our range of LED GU10 bulbs - so amazing in fact, that we wanted to show you. The diagram below is of an exploded Crompton 5W LED GU10. We hope that by compartmentalising some of the key components, we'll able to illustrate the level of innovation that goes into creating an efficient, modern GU10 bulb.

SMD Bulb

From the base up, the Crompton 5W LED GU10 is designed to be as durable and efficient as possible. The LED Printed Circuit Board is designed to use only half of the unit's power while the aluminium heat sink is designed to handle temperatures far greater than what the LED will actually produce. Each of the bulb's components has been designed with a much higher specification than what would be required for it to handle the stresses and strains it will actually face. This minimses the risk of individual part failures and preserves the lifetime of the bulb, which is why it will last up to 30,000 hours compared to the 2,000 hours of its halogen equivalent.

Take a look at the Chip On Board version below, which is also designed to far exceed its required specification...


COB Bulb

Our entire range of LED GU10 spotlight bulbs can be found in our GU10 section.