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Zink Wall/Ceiling Microwave Sensor Thea 180/360° White 15-Metre Range

Part Number: 8652

Zink Wall/Ceiling Microwave Sensor Thea 180/360° White 15-Metre Range

Shape: Microwave Sensor

Microwave Sensor

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    • Mounts inside cavities or ceiling voids for discreet installation
    • Movement sensed through most building materials
    • Detection range of 2-15 metres
    • Adjustable hold-timer and light sensitivity
    • Indoor use only
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Zink Wall/Ceiling Microwave Sensor Thea 180/360° White 15-Metre Range

  • Dimensions: Width=37mm Depth=76mm Height=25mm

The Zink Thea Wall/Ceiling Microwave Sensor is an easy-to-install motion sensor from Forum Lighting that is designed to revolutionize your lighting experience. This versatile sensor can enhance any indoor light, enabling it to activate and deactivate in response to motion, delivering both convenience and heightened security.

This sensor is incredibly adaptable, offering various mounting options. Whether you choose to mount it inside cavities or ceiling voids, it seamlessly integrates with your existing lighting setup. Its wide coverage minimizes blind spots, significantly improving the security of your property.

One of its standout features is its ability to detect motion through various building materials, including walls and ceilings, thanks to its advanced microwave sensor technology. This attribute eliminates false detections and guarantees reliable motion sensing.

The Zink Thea Microwave Sensor boasts an impressive detection range, enxtending from 5 metres to 15 metres when wall-mounted and 1 metre to 8 metres when mounted insde a ceiling void.

Fine-tune the sensor's sensitivity according to your preferences by adjusting the sensor's distance sensitivty, hold-timer from 10 seconds to 12 minutes and light sensitivity from 3 to 2000 lux, allowing you to customise its responsiveness and eliminate false detections.

The Zink Thea Microwave Sensor is designed exclusively for indoor use, with an optimal installation height between 1.6 metres and 3.5 metres, depending on your specific requirements.

This sensor is highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of lighting options, with a maximum wattage of 300W for LED and 1200W for halogen lights.

Take your indoor lighting control to the next level with the Zink Thea Wall/Ceiling Microwave Sensor. Enjoy precise motion sensing, discreet installation options, and compatibility with a variety of lighting fixtures.

Please consult a qualified electrician for safe and proper installation to ensure you get the most out of this versatile motion sensor.

Attribute Value
MPN ZN-29185-WHT
Barcode 5020024704130
Shape Microwave Sensor
Manufacturer Zink
Material Polycarbonate
Finish White
Ingress Protection Rating IP44
Sensor Type Microwave Sensor
Width 37mm
Depth 76mm
Height 25mm