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Part Number: 2271

Sylvania Fluorescent 2ft T8 Tube 18W Gro-Lux

Part Number: 2271

Sylvania Fluorescent 2ft T8 Tube 18W Gro-Lux

Cap Type: T8


Shape: T8 Tube

T8 Tube

Power Consumption: 18W


Dimmable: Non-Dimmable


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    • Tube Length: 590mm (604mm with pins)
    • Rated Life: 15,000 hours

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Sylvania Fluorescent 2ft T8 Tube 18W Gro-Lux

  • Cap type: T8
  • Power Consumption: 18W
  • Dimensions: Diameter=26mm Tube Length=590mm Tube Length (inc. Pins)=604mm

For the complete or additional artificial lighting of plants, the Gro-Lux is a fluorescent T8 tube light bulb that assists plant growth in locations with insufficient daylight.

Fitted with a standard sized G13 2-pin (13mm apart) caps to both ends.

Emits a high level of blue and red radiation, which helps promote healthy plant growth. Recommended for use in greenhouses, indoor gardens, flower shows and conservatories. Also recommended for aquarium lighting - Gro-Lux tubes will strengthen the natural colours of your aquatic plants and fish.

For maximum performance and efficiency from your new fluorescent tube, we recommend you replace the fluorescent starter at the same time.

Need more help in choosing a suitable fluorescent tube? Read our guide Choosing Flourescent Tubes and our guide to Flourescent Starters.

Attribute Value
Barcode 5410288015231
Equivalent 18W
Technology Fluorescent
Cap T8
Shape T8 Tube
Manufacturer Sylvania
Cap Type G13
Voltage 240V
Power Consumption 18W
Dimmability No - Not Suitable for Dimming
Average Rated Life (L50) 15,000 hours
EEI Energy Rating A+
Diameter 26mm
Tube Length 590mm
Tube Length (Including Pins) 604mm
Estimated Running Cost £11.17 per year based on 5-hours per day @ Oct 22 Price Cap (34.0p/kWh)