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Ledvance LED Battery Sterilization Box 5W UV-C

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Part Number: 6348

Ledvance LED Battery Sterilization Box 5W UV-C

Shape: Sterilization Box

Sterilization Box

Power Consumption: 5W


Colour of Light: UV-C


Was: £42.39
Now: £31.79 inc. VAT

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    • Full UV-C power to fight viruses and bacteria
    • 6 minute sterilization for hard-surface items (glasses, mobile phones)
    • 9 minute sterilization for soft-surface items (face masks)


Ledvance LED Battery Sterilization Box 5W UV-C

  • Power Consumption: 5W
  • Colour Output: UV-C
  • Dimensions: Width=219mm Depth=126mm Height=63mm

The LED sterilisation box from LEDvance gives you full UV-C power to fight viruses and bacteria.

Offering reliable, simple and clean sterilisation thanks to the latest LED UV-C technology. UV‑C light is known for destroying the DNA structure of a variety of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in a matter of seconds, preventing them from spreading. The box uses the strongly sterilizing effect of UV-C light in the wavelength range between 200 and 280 nanometres without the need for any chemistry and toxic compounds.

This sterilization box is perfect for the disinfection of everyday objects such as smartphones, glasses, pens or masks in no time, leaving you and your home protected from the risk of infection.

Simply place the item in the box and close it. Set the sterilization time, for smooth surfaces such as cell phones or glasses, the disinfection time is only 6 minutes, for rough surfaces such as masks, 9 minutes - and wait for the appropriate time. That’s it.

With a powerful rechargeable lithium battery, it can be used anywhere - at home, in the office or on the go. The robust, non-slip and washable housing makes this battery-powered sterilization box perfect for when you’re on the move.

Of course, as with all UVC light, safety is paramount which is why LEDvance have built-in an automatic cut off when the sterilization box opened, preventing the release of UV-C light into the eyes.

With a durable USB charged integrated battery, the UC-V sterilization box has enough power for 25 x 6 min (smooth surface) or 16 x 9 min (porous surface) sterilization cycles per battery charge. The battery charging time is 60 mins.

Comes included with a type C USB cable for charging.

Here at Lightbulbs Direct, we want you to be able to buy with confidence both in ourselves and the products we sell. With this in mind, a number of our LED fittings carry a specific warranty that ensures you can do exactly that.

Any Ledvance LED fitting bought from Lightbulbs Direct carries a 24-month warranty.

If you should purchase a Ledvance LED fitting from Lightbulbs Direct and have it fail, break or develop a fault at any point within the timeline stated above from the date of purchase, we will happily replace the item or offer a full refund, depending on your wishes.

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Attribute Value
MPN 4058075515994
Barcode 4058075515994
Technology LED
Shape Sterilization Box
Colour UV-C
Manufacturer Ledvance
Power Consumption 5W
Colour Description UV-C
Width 219mm
Depth 126mm
Height 63mm
Estimated Running Cost £2.65 per year based on 5-hours per day @ Jan 24 Price Cap (29.0p/kWh)