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Crompton Lamps MER-SON

Crompton Lamps MER-SON Light Bulbs

Crompton Lamps MER-SON light bulbs. Dual metal halide lamps that can be used on either SON or Mercury control gear.

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  • Crompton HID Tubular E40 400W 4200K MHT400WGESDU4K Image 1
  • Crompton HID Elliptical E40 250W 4100K MHE250WGESDU4K Image 1

    Crompton Lamps

    Crompton Lamps HID Elliptical 250W E40 MER/SON Cool White Diffused

    Was: £22.59
    Now: £15.81 inc. VAT
  • Crompton HID Tubular E40 250W 4100K MHT250WGESDU4K Image 1