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Crompton Lamps LED Smart Lighting Range

LED Smart WIFI Light Bulbs

Assisting you whilst helping the environment

The wellbeing of our natural environment has never been discussed and analysed as much as it is in today’s world.

And that’s why we are so proud of the Crompton Lamps LED Smart Lighting range.

There’s numerous reasons why LED light bulbs are so eco-friendly; such as being energy efficient, their longevity, and their production of a significantly reduced amount of toxic elements.

But alongside this, Crompton Lamps LED Smart Lighting range are also designed to work hand in hand with YOUR lifestyle. And, because no additional hub is required, they are easy to set-up and work alongside your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub.

So, what exactly does the Crompton Lamps LED Smart Lighting Range offer, aside from the numerous environmental benefits?

Let’s take a look…

App and voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub

By downloading the Tuya Smart App (or syncing your lights to a compatible home hub such as Amazon Alexa, or Google Home Hub) you can begin to control your lights by the touch of a screen, or by simply using your voice.

Sit back, relax and instruct your smart lights to turn on/off, dim, increase brightness or even change colour whenever you like.

Custom lighting schemes and commands

You can create and customise the perfect lighting for your mood or occasion. Be it watching a film, reading a book, working from your home office, or spending time with friends and family, there’s plenty of options for you to choose from.

Control lights from anywhere

With the swipe of a finger, you can control your lights from anywhere. So, if you’re at work, socialising, travelling on public transport or even away on holiday, you have the option to switch them on/off, dim and much more, whenever you’re ready.

Scheduled lighting

The Smart Lighting range can help home security by switching on/off, individually or as a group at specific times when you’re not home. They can also be set to switch on in the mornings, or turn off through the night all while you sleep.

Colour changing tech

The Crompton Lamps LED Lighting Range are available as a Red, Green and Blue (RGB) option. This means that you can save custom lighting schemes to complement your activities.

3000K and 4000K tuneable white

This additional Smart Light feature allows you to adjust the colour temperature to suit your current mood or setting.

Smart dimmable

All you have to do is swipe or use voice control to dim or brighten the lights to your desired level. So whether it’s 50% or 80%, let the Smart Lighting range dim to your liking.