Choosing an Energy Saving Lightbulb to replace your existing bulb has never been easier. Identify the bulb that you would like to replace by clicking on the images below, by doing this you will then be presented with our Energy Saving Options . Choose the energy saving technology that best suits your needs along with the wattage & you will then be presented with a small choice of energy saving equivalent light bulbs.

LightBulbs Direct easy to use tool to help you choose an energy saving alternative to your existing power hungry light bulbs
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Need more assistance?

If you are still stuck on which energy saver to buy why not have a browse though our [energy saving section](/category/5/energy-savers/). Alternatively why not take a look at our fantastic [energy saving calculator](/article/energy-saving/) to start saving the pounds.

When it comes to replacing your existing power hungry [incandescent light bulbs](/category/1/general-bulbs/) there are a lot of options to choose from.

Each technology has its own unique benefit over the other. [Halogen Energy Saving Light Bulbs](/category/501/halogen-en/) come in exactly the same shape and size as the traditional bulbs, save approx 30% on energy costs and last twice as long. [Compact Fluorecent](/category/5/energy-savers/) energy saving light bulbs are available in standard bulb shapes and the even light distributing spiral shape. They save approx 80% on energy costs and last upwards of 8,000 hours.

The newest energy saving technology [LED](/category/12/led/) has taken massive steps forward in the last 2 years and there is now a replacement LED bulb available to replace almost all of your traditional light bulbs be they [GU10](/category/483/gu10/), [MR16](/category/410/12v-mr16-spots/) or [Reflector Spotlights](/category/77/reflector-spots/), the traditional shaped [GLS](/category/607/traditional-bulbs/) and the more decorative [Candles](/category/2/candles/) and [Golfballs and Globes](/category/33/golfball-and-globes/). LEDs are by far the superior energy saving light bulbs saving upwards of 80% on energy costs and in some cases lasting an incredible 50,000 hours.