Halloween Lighting Ideas

  • Christmas Fairy Lights

Not just for Christmas, for an easy halloween idea cut a hole in plastic cups, with a picture drawn on, and insert the individual lights into each of the cups so that the cups act like a lampshade. See our fairy lights

DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

  • Gothic Staircase

Use striplights and chandeliers with flickerflame candle bulbs to re-create this gothic look in a safer way.

Gothic Halloween Staircase

  • Painting your old bulbs

Decorating your old bulbs is easy and free and you can decorate them in to anything you want monsters, ghosts, spiders, skulls etc. They make for an interesting Halloween display.

Light Bulb Pumpkin Ornament crafted from a recycled light bulb

  • The many uses of black lights

Petroleum jelly, highlighters, UV paint and glow in the dark slime all look particularly spooky illuminated under a blacklight. See our blacklight range

How to Make Glow in the Dark Slime: It's easy and fun to make eerie glowing slime.For more creative Halloween Lighting Ideas check out our Pinterest page.