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Daylight Light Bulbs

Commonly used in commercial and industrial applications, daylight bulbs give off a blue white hue, ideal for graphic and design work environments and can aid in lessening the impact of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Full spectrum daylight bulbs have excellent colour rendering properties.

Grid View
  • Crompton Fluorescent 5ft T8 58W 6500K FT558SPDYLT Image 1
  • Prolite CFL Helix Spiral B22 55W 6400K HELIX/55W/BC64 Image 1
  • Prolite CFL Helix Spiral E27 55W 6400K HELIX/55W/ES64 Image 1
  • Fluorescent 5ft T8 58W (25 Pack) 6500K FT558SPDYLT-25 Image 1