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Every Light Bulb You'll Ever Need

Find your ideal light bulb easily and quickly by shape, type, cap or colour temperature with Lightbulbs Direct. Assign it to a 'room' so you can quickly re-order next time.

Grid View
  • Osram Halogen M9 12V G4 5W 2700K 64405S Image 1
  • 16x48mm 24V Miniature E14 5W XLV24V5WE14 Image 1
  • 16x35mm 12V Miniature E14 5W XLV12V5WE14 Image 1
  • International 11x24mm 5V Miniature E10 1W 11/4.8/1.44/E Image 1
  • 13x34mm 24V Miniature E12 3W XLV24V3WE12 Image 1
  • 19x48mm 24V Miniature E12 5W XLV24V5WE12 Image 1
  • 16x43mm 24V Miniature E14 3W XLV24V3WE14 Image 1