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Every Light Bulb You'll Ever Need

Find your ideal light bulb easily and quickly by shape, type, cap or colour temperature with Lightbulbs Direct. Assign it to a 'room' so you can quickly re-order next time.

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  • Pygmy E27 15W Warm White Clear XSIG15CES Image 1

    Schiefer Lighting

    Schiefer Lighting 15W Pygmy E27 Dimmable Warm White Clear

    £1.94 inc. VAT
  • GE Fluorescent 18" T8 Tube 15W F15W/830 Image 1
  • Sylvania Fluorescent 21" T5 13W 6500K XFT2113DL Image 1
  • Sylvania Halogen G9 18W 2800K 23849 Image 1
  • Schiefer Lighting Halogen M34 6V G4 20W 2900K 643023500 Image 1
  • Sylvania CFL Fast Start V2 Tubular B22 15W 2700K 0035013 Image 1
  • Sylvania UV 2ft T12 Tube 20W Blacklight F20T12BL350 Image 1
  • Fluorescent 29" T8 16W F16W/830 F16T8-83-1-SY Image 1
  • Fluorescent 2ft T8 18W 6500K XFT218SACTIVA Image 1
  • Sylvania Fluorescent 29" T8 Tube 16W F16W/840 Image 1
  • Sylvania Germicidal PLS 2-Pin 11W UVC UV 25051 Image 1
  • Bosma 18x36mm 12V Miniature Ba15s 15W 2800K 1635 Image 1
  • Sylvania Fluorescent 2ft T8 18W F18T8GRO Image 1


    Sylvania Fluorescent 2ft T8 Tube 18W Gro-Lux

    Was: £13.68
    Now: £9.58 inc. VAT
  • Sylvania Fluorescent 2ft T8 18W Dim 3000K FHE18W/T8/176 1855 Image 1