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Every Light Bulb You'll Ever Need

Find your ideal light bulb easily and quickly by shape, type, cap or colour temperature with Lightbulbs Direct. Assign it to a 'room' so you can quickly re-order next time.

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  • Crompton CFL PLL 4-Pin 55W Dim 6500K CLL55SDYLT Image 1
  • Crompton CFL PLL 4-Pin 55W Dim White CLL55SW Image 1
  • Crompton CFL PLL 4-Pin 36W Dim White CLL36SW Image 1
  • Crompton CFL PLS-E 4-Pin 7W Dim 4000K CLSE7SCW Image 1
  • Wemlite Germicidal PLL 4-Pin 36W UV TL36CX-W Image 1
  • Germicidal PLL 4-Pin 55W UVC UV PLL55TUV Image 1

    Germicidal PLL 55W 4-Pin UVC UV-C Clear

    Was: £17.81
    Now: £16.74 inc. VAT
  • GE Germicidal PLL 4-Pin 18W UVC UV 40704 Image 1


    Wemlite Germicidal PLL 18W 4-Pin UVC UV-C

    £16.63 inc. VAT