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Outdoor LED Floodlights

Installing a floodlight is a great way to ensure the perimeter of your home or business feels safe, secure, and properly lit. Floodlights come in a variety of styles and specifications, floodlights with PIR motion sensors are great for ensuring the area is always lit when you need it to be. LED floodlights are simple to install and are affordable too, using up to 90% less energy than traditional floodlights. IP65 floodlights are all-weather suitable - great for giving you piece of mind that your equipment is both durable and secure. Helping to keep your chosen space well-lit and secure, installing proper floodlighting to your home is a great investment.

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  • Phoebe LED Floodlight 20W 4000K IP66 10338 Image 1

    Phoebe LED

    Phoebe LED Floodlight 20W Atlas Cool White 110° White IP66

    Was: £23.62
    Now: £11.81 inc. VAT
  • Phoebe LED Floodlight 20W Atlas-Mini PIR Sensor Cool White Black IP65 Image 1
  • Phoebe LED Floodlight 20W Atlas-Mini Cool White Black IP65 Image 1