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Incandescent Golf Ball Light Bulbs

Named because of their resemblance to a golf ball in size and shape, these incandescent bulbs are often used in table lamps and smaller light fittings due to their smaller, more compact profile. Available in a wide variety of bases from Bayonet Cap (BC-B22d and SBC-B15d) and Edison Screw Cap (ES-E27 and SES-E14), and clear and pearl glass finishes, incandescent golf ball bulbs are ideal where a standard incandescent bulb would be too large.

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  • Crompton Golfball B22 15W Blue ROU15BBC-GLZ Image 1
  • Orbitec Golfball E27 15W Blue HLE7612 Image 1


    Orbitec 15W Golfball E27 Dimmable Blue

    £2.11 inc. VAT