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Halogen Capsule 2900K Light Bulbs

Halogen Capsule 2900K Light Bulbs

Halogen capsule 2900K light bulbs with push fittings making them easy to install. Ideal for reading lamps, desk lamps or chandeliers.

Grid View
  • Schiefer Lighting Halogen M34 6V G4 20W 2900K 643023500 Image 1
  • GE Lighting Halogen M32 Capsule 50W GY6.35 12V Dimmable Warm White Clear
  • Schiefer Lighting Halogen M326 6V G4 10W 2900K 643023300 Image 1
  • Schiefer Lighting Halogen M111 12V G4 35W 2900K 643031644 Image 1
  • Osram Halogen M75IRC 12V GY6.35 35W 2900K 64432IRC Image 1