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T5 Tube

Fluorescent T5 Tubes

T5 fluorescent tubes measure 16mm in diameter. They're among the more versatile of the size categories, being suitable for lighting everything from schools and office buildings to aquariums. Often installed in new and refurbished buildings, they're energy-efficient, long-lasting and available in a variety of formats, from the traditional long tube to circular styles. One advantage of T5 tubes is that they can be installed in one continuous run on a ceiling, which isn't possible with the larger T8 size. T5 tubes also tend to give some of the truest colour temperatures, so whether cool or warm, you'll get a great effect with these lights.

Grid View
  • Crompton Fluorescent 21" T5 13W White FT2113W Image 1
  • Crompton Fluorescent 21" T5 13W 4000K FT2113CW Image 1
  • Sylvania Fluorescent 21" T5 13W 6500K XFT2113DL Image 1
  • Sylvania Fluorescent T5 21W Dim 3000K 18195 Image 1