Why Should You Switch to LED Tubes?

LED Tubes

There has been a lot of attention towards LED tubes in the consumer market and this blog will explain why people are opting for LED tubes and why you should consider it too.

Firstly, the lifespan of an LED tube is significantly greater than that of previous lights lasting up to 40,000 hours which works out as around 15 years. This minimises the costs of replacing the tube by reducing the cost in maintenance and buying new bulbs. This also reduces the amount of time spent replacing bulbs and buying new ones. LEDs also have a better resistance to switching cycles than fluorescents which can burn out quicker if constantly switched on or off.

Another benefit of the LED tubes is that they are silent as opposed to fluorescents that begin making a buzzing sound towards the end of their life.

LED tubes are much better for the environment than any other light source as they don't contain any harmful toxins like mercury and use less energy than any other light source currently available.

LEDs can work in most temperatures unlike fluorescents which can occasionally not light up if the temperature is too low.

A lot less heat is produced from an LED than from other lights and LEDs turn on instantly instead of flickering as they warm up.

To put it simply, the benefits of LEDs are:

  • Long lifespan
  • Resistance to switching cycles
  • Silent
  • Contain no toxins
  • Save energy
  • Work in most environments
  • Turn on instantly
  • Not much heat produced