New Zealand keen on making cities LED


Wellington in New Zealand could be the next city to go LED.

Currently in New Zealand, Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin are all aready LED and Wellington City Council are in talks as to whether Wellington will make the switch.

18,000 lamps would have to be replaced and would cost between $10 million to $20 million. Wellington has a population of around 397,000.

The new system would cut power consumption by 75% and could be controlled remotely.

The city's street lighting manager, Paul Glennie, said: "LED lights come on straight away, they don't need a warm-up period, so we build it into the system where ambulances could tell us that a particular address has called them and we can switch that light to a flash mode."

New Plymouth has a population of about 53,000 and is considering making the switch to LED. It would cost $5.5 million to have the 8,100 streetlights reduced with LEDs. One official said the LEDs would save about $10 million over 20 years."