A Simple Guide To Dimming LEDs

Unfortunately, dimming LEDs is not quite as simple as dimming halogens unless of course you have the LIFX bulb which is easily dimmable.


Not all dimmers will work with LEDs. There are two different types of dimmers: Leading Edge and Trailing Edge. Leading Edge is most commonly used with incandescents and halogens whereas Trailing Edge is mostly used with LEDs. All of our dimmers are compatible with LEDs and can be used with other bulbs too.

Will my LEDs work with a dimmer?

Firstly, to make sure your bulbs are compatible check that they are dimmable. For your dimmer to work the bulbs used must exceed the minimum requirement and not be over the maximum wattage. Also, make sure you don't mix different types of bulbs e.g. incandescent and LEDs.

The easiest way to work it out is:

Quantity of bulbs x rated wattage x 10 = load of dimmer required

e.g. 7 x 5w LEDs (=35w) x 10 = 350w = dimmer with a load of at least 350w required

Dimmer Loading Example

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