Buying LED Strip Lights

With the phasing-out of incandescent light bulbs now well underway, LED lighting is becoming the first choice for a growing number of consumers. LED lighting is more flexible making a bigger choice for design options. LED strip lights are a versatile and user-friendly solution for a range of domestic and commercial settings.

The LED strip we sell is the colour changing Red, Green and Blue option. As the LED strip lights are waterproof, they are perfectly safe to use in Bathrooms*. The colour changing strips are perfect if you want to create a unique look for a room Many nightclubs use them as they are great for adding a lively vibe to the room.


You can even use them outdoors as our colour changing LEDs are waterproof. Attach them to decking or walls to transform your outside space into a disco! With the use of a remote control, a range of colours, and effects (such as flashing and strobe lights) can be achieved.

Both single colour and colour changing strips can be cut to the desired size and used individually or in a series to make a long continuous run. Flexible strips allow you to accommodate corners or tricky areas, ensuring everything fits together smoothly. As with all light installations, we recommend using a suitably qualified lighting contractor for this job.

cool-white-stairsSo if you want to try something different or give your garden patio a makeover you really can't go wrong with LED strip lighting.


*LEDs are protected against splashes and rain and cannot be submerged in water.