Halloween Competition - Win an LED Head Torch

Start your preparation for the zombie apocalypse by winning one of our LED Head Torches. The Torches run off batteries (included) and because they're LED they last for a long time. Not only this but because they have a head strap it leaves you two hands free to fight off any zombies. They also come in handy for young trick or treaters who need their hands to carry all their sweets.


Secure your best chance of zombie survival by following these tips and entering our competition:

1) Find a trustworthy group that you can rely on if you need to - for the best chance have a Daryl in the group

2) Find a place you can hide in case of a horde

3) You're definitely going to need to run at some point so make sure to have comfy shoes - you don't need to run fast, just faster than zombies

4) Get a good source of light, you don't want to run straight in to a zombie

For more tips spend your Halloween 'researching' with a The Walking Dead marathon.

The 1W Zoom Head Torch

headtorch photo

  • Hands-free lighting when you need it - great for the home, camping, outdoor activities, running from zombies
  • High Intensity 1W LED lightbulb which never needs to be replaced
  • Zoom focus - can be used as a spot light or a flood light
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Head pivots to direct the beam accurately


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