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Can you change a Lightbulb?

According to research, one in 20 British people do not know how to change on lightbulb.man turning on light

The above figure equates to 1.95 million people. That's nearly 2 million people in Britain that cannot change a lightbulb.

One in 20 homeowners admit they are too embarrassed to call out a tradesperson to deal with a problem they felt was something they should be able to do themselves.

LightBulbs Direct is here to help:

First: turn the power off

Then: allow the bulb to cool for a while

Then: remove the bulb by either:

For a Bayonet Mount grab the bulb, push it up gently and turn it anticlockwise until it comes out the socket

For a Screw Fitting you literally unscrew it, anticlockwise until it comes out the socket

Then: insert the new bulb into the socket and turn it clockwise until it won't twist anymore.

For more information on handling lightbulbs visit: http://light-bulbs-direct.co.uk/2014/07/23/lamp-safety-and-disposal/

If you need more information contact: 01494 723286