5 of the Best Night Lights for All the Family

5 of the Best Night Lights for All the Family


Whether it's for settling a baby to sleep, or just for finding your way around the house in the middle of the night, a good night light is a must for any household. Below we've picked out the 5 best night lights for all members of the family.

For babies and toddlers - Ewan the Dream Sheep £29.99

Listen carefully and you might hear the collective sigh of countless new mums and dads who have finally settled their young one to sleep. You might also hear thanks given to Ewan the Dream Sheep.

Ewan allows you to pick from 4 different ambient noises to help get your baby to sleep, and each one is backed by the sound of a resting heartbeat, a familiar and comforting noise for newborn babies. A night light also glows softly from inside. The light and sounds have a 20-minute timer, so you too can get to bed safe in the knowledge that Ewan's batteries won't be drained by morning. He also attaches to prams and car seats, so no matter where you are, you can rely on him.

For children of all ages - Colour-Changing Unicorn Night Light £6.99

That glorious rainbow mane! That majestic golden horn!

This unicorn night light is the perfect companion for children on their way to dreamland. A colour-changing LED light inside provides a comforting glow to help your kids drift off to sleep. The cute little steed is also available in pink, if that's more your colour.

For midnight wanderers - Phoebe LED Motion-Sensitive Night Light £6.69

This neat little night light sticks to almost any surface, using either its magnetic underside or strong 3M adhesive strips (included). The motion sensor at the centre of the star activates the light when a presence is detected, and with a 5-metre range, it can be used in any room or hallway in the house.

It is about as easy to use as a night light can be, the perfect option for those occasions when you don't want to dazzle yourself by switching a light on at night-time.

For parent and child - Groegg 2 £29.99

For new parents, trying to tell if baby is warm enough can be a bit of a guessing game. This update to the award-winning Groegg night light and room thermometer takes all the guesswork out. The digital temperature display is easy to read in the middle of the night, helping to keep your baby safe from over-heating, while the innovative silicone night light is colour-coded to different temperatures, meaning you can judge whether it's too hot or cold at a glance.

For emergencies - Emergency Night Light and Torch £18.99

With this emergency night light, there will be no more need to break out the wax candles when there's a power cut. Plug the light into a socket at home, and it will activate automatically in the event of a mains power outage. 16 LEDs illuminate the entire front panel with a bright white light, and it can be removed from the charging base to become a portable night light. Finally, a torch on the top of the light allows you to find pesky blown fuses.