It might sound simple, but this phrase embodies exactly what we at LightBulbs Direct are all about. Just like our name it's devastatingly efficient, and it tells you exactly what you can expect from us. Need a light bulb? Any kind of light bulb? Well then, why not get it directly from LightBulbs Direct? Pretty direct, right?

Our story started back in 2003 when our founder, Patrick Hudgell, noticed the huge opportunity that the internet presented for the light bulb industry.

At the time, Patrick said:

The diversity of light bulbs is far wider than any store could stock and identifying a bulb is much more easily achieved through a comprehensive, searchable database than aisles of bulbs or a bulky catalogue.

With this he established LightBulbs Direct, a comprehensive, all-you-can-eat bulb buffet that broke free from the shackles of bricks and mortar and changed how we buy light bulbs forever. Its aim? You guessed it: to bring you every light bulb you'll ever need.

So what's changed since the beginning? Well, Patrick's no longer part of the team for a start. Nobody seems to know whether he left or just went missing either so if you spot him, we'd really appreciate it if you could let us know.

Our website has also undergone a few changes over the years, leaving the sleek, polished beauty you see before you today. It's been designed with you in mind so that you can find any of our 3000+ products in the blink of an eye. See? Patrick might have been right after all.

What hasn't changed though is the list of our core aims that still drive what we do, every single day:

  1. To provide a huge range of top quality bulbs at a much cheaper price than the high street
  2. Source hard to find, specialist items for trade and professional customers
  3. Deliver a 24 hour ordering service that allows you to order over the phone or online at any time of day or night
  4. Provide free access to a wealth of specialist information and interactive tools that help you find exactly what you need, when you need it
  5. Maintain an online list of your favourite bulbs to make reordering as easy as 1, 2, 3.
This is all backed up by the 7 hardy souls that work tirelessly throughout the day to provide the best web experience and customer support on the internet. They're the feather in our cap, the icing on our cake. They're what makes LightBulbs Direct special, so why not read on to learn a little more about them...


The LBD team...

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