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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Want to give your home or business a modern, stylish edge? Our ceiling lights are ready and waiting to make your interior look stunning, providing low-cost, low-energy lighting. Here at LightBulbs Direct we have downlights from trusted brands like Phoebe and Megaman, in a variety of colours ready to fit with the decor of any space. As well as circular LED fittings suited to office environments, living rooms and washrooms.

Grid View
  • Phoebe LED Downlight 10W Dimmable Spectrum Wifi Tuneable White + RGB 40° IP65 Image 1
  • Phoebe LED Smart Wifi Downlight 8.5W Dim Firesafe Tuneable White 60° IP65
  • Phoebe LED Downlight 18.5W Dim 3000K 12196 Image 1
  • Phoebe LED Downlight 20W Warm White/Daylight 7574 Image 1
  • Phoebe LED Downlight 18.5W 3000K 10536 Image 1
  • Phoebe LED Downlight 6.5W Dim 3000K 12172 Image 1
  • Phoebe LED Downlight 18.5W 3000K 10536 Image 1
  • Spa Bubble LED Single Ceiling Spotlight 5W Warm White Bubble Effect and Chrome Image 1
  • Spa Milan LED 3 Light Ceiling Spotlight 15W Warm White Opal and Chrome image 1
  • Spa Oslo LED 4 Light Ceiling Spotlight 40W Warm White Crackle Effect and Chrome Image 2