We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right lighting. Below you will find our extensive library of jargon-busting, do-it-yourselfing, light-bulb-choosing guides and tutorials. Whether you need to know what a lumen is, or the difference between a GU10 and MR16, you will find the answer below.

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10 best light bulbs and fittings

The 10 Best Light Bulbs and Fittings of 2018

These bulbs and fittings represent the best quality and best value you will find on Lightbulbs Direct.

light bulb ban

The Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

These bulbs will be unavailable after September 2018

light bulb safety handling and disposal

Light Bulb Safety, Handling and Disposal

Learn how to safely handle bulbs and tubes

Light Bulb Buying Guides

We know that buying light bulbs is not always easy, so we've put together a range of buying guides to help you get the right one every time. Whether you're choosing an LED bulb or a fluorescent tube, or any other type of bulb, you'll find the right advice here.

choosing led bulbs

Choosing LED Light Bulbs

LED bulbs are energy efficient and long-lasting

choosing outdoor floodlights

Choosing Outdoor Floodlights

Choose from standard, PIR motion sensor and 'Dusk til Dawn' floodlights

choosing cfls

Choosing Compact Fluorescents

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are some of the most energy efficient bulbs available today

choosing fluorescent tubes

Choosing Fluorescent Tubes

How to spot the difference between different fluorescent tubes and pick the right one for you

choosing daylight bulbs

Choosing Daylight & Full Spectrum Bulbs

See how you could use daylight bulbs to improve your workspace

choosing uv bulbs

Choosing Ultraviolet Bulbs

From blacklight bulbs to powerful germicidal UV tubes, picking the right ultraviolet bulb is very important

How-To Guides

Fitting new light bulbs is usually a straightforward affair, but there are occasions where a bit of tinkering is needed. If you've never wired a light or fitted a dimmer switch before, take a look at our step-by-step guides to find out all you need to know.

how to wire a light

How to Wire a Light

A step-by-step guide to wiring a light fitting

how to fit a dimmer switch

How to Fit a Dimmer Switch

An easy guide to fitting your own dimmer

replace halogen spotlights with leds

How to Replace Low Voltage Halogen Spotlights with LEDs

Swap out those old halogen spotlights with energy efficient LEDs - it's easy!

how to wire a ceiling rose

How to Wire a Ceiling Rose

Learn how with our step-by-step guide

Technical Advice

We know that there is a LOT of technical jargon to decipher when shopping for light bulbs, and we want to make it easier for you. If you want to know your warm white from your cool white, or the difference between a GLS and a golf ball, take a look at our guides below to find out.

glossary of lighting terms

Glossary of Lighting Terms

From amperes to watts, we bring you the definitive A-Z of lighting terms and acronyms

spotlight beam angles

Spotlight Beam Angles

See the difference between different beam angles

bathroom zones and ip ratings

Bathroom Zones and IP Ratings Explained

IP rated lights are vital for wet environments

colour temperature

Colour Temperature

Learn the difference between warm white and cool white

light bulb spec testing

Light Bulb Spec Testing

How do we know 5W = 50W?

lumens vs watts

Lumens vs Watts: What is a Lumen?

Did you know that a light bulb's wattage no longer tells you how bright it is? Luckily, there's another simple way to tell

light bulb fittings caps and bases

Light Bulb Fittings, Caps and Bases

We explain the differences between the vast range of light bulb caps out there. With pictures!

dimming guide

The Complete Guide to Dimming

Do you know your trailing edge from your leading edge dimmer? If not, let us guide you through it

All About LED Light Bulbs

You may have heard about LED lighting over the last few years, but how are they different to standard light bulbs? find out how you could save money and energy by switching to LED light bulbs.

potential led savings

How Much Money Could LED Bulbs Save You?

They're more efficient than traditional bulbs, but how much money can LED bulbs save you?

led lifespan

How Much Longer Do LED Light Bulbs Last?

As well as being energy efficient, LED light bulbs last waaaaay longer than other types of bulbs

guide to led spotlights

All About LED Spotlights

Our guide to LED spotlights

Different Light Bulb Types

Light bulbs are now widely available in various shapes and sizes, not all of which are compatible with all types of lamps. Whether you're looking for a smaller light bulb for a table lamp, or a standard one for a ceiling light, you can find out which is best for the job here.

what is a gls light bulb

What is a GLS Light Bulb?

GLS bulbs have been around for ages, but how do they work and what different types are available?

what is a gu10 light bulb

What is a GU10 Light Bulb?

It might just be a fancy name for your kitchen spotlights, but there's a lot you might not know about the humble GU10

what is a golf ball light bulb

What is a Golf Ball Light Bulb?

They're small and round, but don't go hitting them with a golf club. Find out what you should do with them instead

what is a candle light bulb

What is a Candle Light Bulb?

When and where is best to use them?

what is a globe light bulb

What is a Globe Light Bulb?

See how they're different to standard bulbs