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  • How lighting affects the productivity of your office

    How lighting affects the productivity of your office

    Employee engagement and wellbeing are considered significant factors in workplace productivity Continue Reading

  • Germ magnets: how to protect your home from bacteria hotspots

    Keeping your home clean and tidy is something we can all be a little lax with from time to time Continue Reading

  • Calling all DIY dads: do YOU know how to change a light bulb?

    This Father's Day, let us take a little time to remember those dads all over the world that spend their spare time doing the things that dads do; changing light bulbs Continue Reading

  • Bias Lighting | What is it, and why should you be using it?

    If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably not heard of bias lighting before. The term itself has an air of industrial precision about it, like something you’d find in a submarine, or Germany.
    However, if you remember the Philips Ambilight TV adverts from yesteryear then you absolutely know what bias lighting looks like, even if [...]

  • Selling Your House? 3 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

    It is the burning question for anyone looking to sell something: how can I get the most for what I have? Selling a car normally involves a thorough clean inside and out, paying special attention to that dubious looking stain on the dashboard that's had you puzzled and slightly on edge ever since you spotted [...]

  • Lights Set To Go Out On 'Special Purpose' and 'Rough Service' EU Light Bulb Ban Loophole

    On 1 September 2009, the European Commission introduced a directive that aimed to ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs across the EU. Designed to take place over a period of three years, it claimed the 100W filament bulb first, followed by the 60W version two years later and by 2012, the process was completed [...]

  • Osram to Light Up This Year’s Eurovision Song Contest

    This year’s Eurovision song contest is a big one, for many reasons. It’s the competition’s 60th anniversary, Conchita Wurst’s immaculately mowed beard is set to return to our screens for the first time in a year and through a bizarre quirk suitably befitting of a competition as bafflingly brilliant as Eurovision itself, Australia will be [...]

  • Maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting: what is the difference?

    Whether it’s through fire, earthquake or someone tripping over a cable, loss of power in a public building can induce panic, hinder escape and ultimately cost lives. Inability to locate an exit can be devastating for a whole number of reasons, from genuine danger to misconceived hysteria.
    As such, by law, every building that is designed [...]

  • Bathroom IP Zones Explained

    Like any room throughout the home, lighting your bathroom poses its own set of unique problems and challenges. What type of light fitting should I use, and how many? Where should I put them?
    The most important element to consider though, is often the one that gets overlooked - safety. Mixing electrical components with water is [...]

  • Don't let ugly light bulbs ruin your home!

    The importance of a light bulb’s aesthetics cannot be understated. Thought of as purely functional until very recently, assuming that its uses extended no further than simply illuminating a room was fair enough.
    But, much like pairing a crisply tailored suit with a pair of bowling shoes, an ugly bulb can utterly spoil a room’s complexion.
    Light [...]

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