Light Bulb Ban

Light Bulb Ban

When the news broke in January 2009 about the proposed EU ban on incandescent bulbs, we promised to keep our customers up to date with the legislation. The Directive is quite complex and includes a number of exceptions but, in essence, this means that virtually all incandescent frosted bulbs have been banned from being manufactured or imported into the EU from 1st September 2009. We are however still able to sell any bulbs that were already in stock. Click on the image to the right to view the range of frosted bulbs still available.

Phasing out of clear bulbs

Recognising that it is more difficult to replace clear bulbs with energy saving versions, the Directive provides for a banning of the least energy efficient clear bulbs in categories F and G and a phased removal of clear bulbs which are less efficient than category C. This effectively means that only the most efficient types of Halogen Energy Saver bulbs will be able to meet the new requirements. The phase-out continues as shown below:-

How are we handling the change?

Responding to demand from our customers, we will endeavour to provide both the best range of energy saving options and also the widest range of incandescent bulbs during this transitional period. We will always aim to provide the most energy efficient solutions for our customers but we recognise that there are many instances where compact fluorescent and LED energy savers are not the most appropriate and we will continue to provide incandescent lamps for as long as we can. We currently have access to stocks of most items but please note that some manufacturers are already starting to discontinue some of the least energy-efficient items and we will show this on our web site as quickly as possible. If you are not sure or would like some help in finding a suitable alternative please see our Choosing Energy Saverssection or call our team on 01494 723286.

Fluorescent Tubes

The EU regulations also cover Fluorescent Tubes and are designed to stop the manufacture of the least efficient, lowest performance tubes in favour of higher performing products. The most significant effects of this are as follows:-

1st April 2010

The first tubes to be affected are standard halophosphate tubes which can no longer be manufactured or imported into the EU after 1st April 2010. In the vast majority of cases these will be replaced by the equivalent triphosphor tube. The triphosphor tubes are longer life, higher efficiency and improved colour rendering compared to their halophosphate versions.

1st April 2012

The old-style T12 (38mm diameter) tubes will be withdrawn in 2012. These are inefficient compared with their T8 (26mm) or T5 (16mm) counterparts. Most T12 tubes can simply be replaced by their equivalent length T8 tube.