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We conduct extensive in-house testing to ensure the products we sell live up to the specifications their manufacturers claim. While the major brands tend to be more conservative with their estimates, many less reputable manufacturers will manipulate the statistics to mislead you about their products

Our testing sphere (pictured below) is used to take all sorts of measurements, from total brightness to the exact colour spectrum given out by a bulb. This helps us to make better recommendations for alternative replacement bulbs - be they energy savers or LEDs.


testing sphere


Spotlights are particularly difficult to compare because ones with narrower beams give a more intense - but less well spread - light. We use a plethora of additional equipment to measure beam angles and work out which new bulbs are the best replacements. For a better understanding of spotlight beam angles, we’ve drawn up this explanation here >>

But we don’t just look at the technical stats. It’s all very well having a machine tell us the bulb is good, but how does its light look to the human eye? We have rejected numerous products in the past which have passed manufacturers’ testing but look atrocious, or throw odd shadows across a room, or have an odd tint of green in the light… We take great pride in making sure the product you receive is sound quality and good value.