How Much Could You Save By Switching to LED Light Bulbs?

You might have heard a lot about LED light bulbs over the last few years. They have emerged as the leading technology in the lighting industry, and with good reason (we'll get to that).

But why are they so expensive?

In short, they're not. While it's true that LED light bulbs are more expensive per unit than the traditional incandescent bulbs many people know and love, what you might not realise is that they will actually save you money in the long-term.

In case you don't believe us, we have put together a helpful infographic to explain exactly what all the fuss is about with LED light bulbs, and how much money they could save you.

If you're not convinced, our friendly customer services team are on hand to help you find the perfect light bulb. Otherwise, you can shop our entire range of LED lighting here.

Why are LED light bulbs so expensive?