Light Bulb Manufacturers - Who Do We Stock?

light bulb manufacturers


The lighting industry is a busy place these days, with many different manufacturers competing to develop the best and brightest light bulbs. Some specialise in particular areas, like NxtGen, who manufacture affordable LED lighting, while some, like Crompton Lamps, offer a wide range of domestic and commercial light bulbs.

We stock light bulbs, lamps, tubes and fittings from all of the major lighting manufacturers shown below. Sometimes we have items in stock that may not be listed on the website, so if you're looking for a particular bulb and cannot find it, please get in touch with us, and we'll see if we have it or can get hold of it for you.

Crompton Lamps

Crompton Lamps is one of the oldest lighting manufacturers around, reaching its 140th anniversary in 2018. Founded in 1878, they have seen technologies and trends come and go, and have a vast range of products available, including everything from fluorescent tubes and specialist industrial lamps to the latest in LED lighting. If you're looking for reliable, high-spec lighting - no matter what the application - then Crompton are sure to have it.

Phoebe LED

The Phoebe LED brand was established by Crompton Lamps to bring consumers the latest in LED technology, through high-quality LED light fittings. From LED downlights to track lights that are perfect for retail displays, the Phoebe LED range is continually expanding. These products have long lifespans, superior energy efficiency and stylish finishes.


The NxtGen range of LED lighting was released in 2012, designed to offer the same performance as rival LED bulbs, but at lower prices. The range of GLS, candle, spotlight and capsule bulbs feature all the benefits of LED lighting - including long lifespans and excellent energy efficiency - but won't break the bank. Their LED multipacks are perfect for upgrading all the bulbs in your house to LED in one go.


Celebrating its centenary in 2019, OSRAM has grown to be one of the largest international lighting businesses operating today. We carry a diverse range of OSRAM products, from halogen spotlights and capsules, to motion-sensitive LED bulbs, and even many specialist lamps and light bulbs, including those for medical, dental, and horticultural applications. We can also supply almost any other type of OSRAM lamp to order, so if you can't see it on our site, please contact us.

GE Lighting

GE is one of the world's foremost lamp manufacturers - a descendant of the General Electric Company founded by Thomas Edison. Many of the products that we supply are made by GE: these include compact fluorescents, halogen reflector lamps, fluorescent tubes, discharge lamps and many other items. We also supply many specialist and hard-to-find items, including some obsolete and discontinued lamps. Many of these are not shown on our website so please contact us for further details.


Philips is a giant in the industry, raising the bar for what can be accomplished with lighting, and leading the way in the development of LED technology. The company is renowned for its large-scale lighting projects, including the colour-changing exterior of Leeds First Direct Arena and stadium lighting for Newcastle and Chelsea football clubs. Look out for the Philips MASTER LED range on our site for attractive, high-spec LED lighting.


Sylvania is a company with a long tradition of high-quality lighting products. Established in the early 20th Century, the Sylvania brand has been known by several names, including Havells Sylvania and Sylvania Electric Products. As one of the biggest and oldest lighting companies in the world, it has a huge range of incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED light bulbs, as well as specialist architectural lamps.


Founded in 1994, Megaman is a relatively new company but has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of low-energy lighting, including compact fluorescent and LED lamps. We stock a diverse range of Megaman products, from the standard LED GLS and candle light bulbs, to integrated LED downlights and more specialist replacement bulbs.


Plumen is renowned for its designer interpretations of the classic compact fluorescent lamp. The Plumen 001 was the first (and for us, best looking) in the product range, taking the humble CFL and turning it into something you would be glad to hang without a light shade. Plumen have since moved into LED lighting with the stylish, playful WattNott range.

Duracell Solar

Duracell Solar lead the way in stylish, reliable outdoor solar lighting. From the standard spike lights to more powerful solar spotlights, the performance and build quality of these products is of the highest standard. As long as you have a garden that catches some sunlight, you will be impressed with Duracell Solar lights.


Factorylux are specialists in bespoke designer lighting. Originating in Yorkshire in 2007, the company first started salvaging and restoring original light fittings from empty factories. This industrial aesthetic has gone on to inform Factorylux's current range of modern pendant lights, perfect for domestic and commercial spaces alike.

Girard Sudron

For over a century, Girard Sudron have produced hand-crafted decorative light bulbs for use in pendants and chandeliers. The flared shape of their candle bulbs is unmistakeable, and they have now paired this unique style with LED technology to produce high-performance bulbs that look beautiful.


Hager are specialists in electrical components, including light switches and weatherproof outdoor connection units. Hager products are robustly built and reliable, and the range of IP66-rated components we stock will work in even the worst weather. If you need outdoor switches for your lighting, Hager is the brand to turn to.


Varilight leads the way in high-quality electrical accessories and stylish dimmer switches. We carry a variety of 1- and 2-gang Varilight dimmer switches, including those with the standard white finish and stylish brushed chrome. If you need any more information about dimming, have a look at our Dimming for Dummies guide, or get in touch with us.


The Searchlight range of outdoor light fittings is perfect for adding a stylish finishing touch to your garden. Whether it's a traditional outdoor lantern, or a more modern brushed steel wall lamp, Searchlight products are built to the highest quality and finished beautifully.

Saxby Lighting

Saxby Lighting provide high-quality, attractive outdoor light fittings that are easy to install and require little maintenance. Many Saxby products use standard GU10, bayonet cap and Edison screw fittings, so it's easy to replace bulbs once they stop working. Designer lighting has rarely been this convenient.