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CFLs are a very difficult class of bulbs for people to identify the ones that they have.

Our most popular compact fluorescents
PLS 2 Pin Single Tube PLD 2 Pin Double Tube PLD 4 Pin Double Tube PLS 4 Pin Single Tube PLL 4 Pin Long PLT 2 Pin Triple Tube PLT 4 Pin Triple Tube PLF 4 Pin Double Tube PLH 4 Pin Triple Tube PLQ 4 Pin Quad Tube

*Please note* you must replace your bulb with exactly the same number of tubes, the same number of pins and the same wattage, otherwise your replacement bulb will not work.

Background information on Compact Fluorescents

Compact fluorescent lamps with 2-pin or 4-pin fittings are used with luminaires containing control gear to match the characteristics of the lamp. Different fittings are designed to ensure that only lamps of the correct rating can be installed thus matching the lamp to the control gear. Most lamps are available in a variety of colours ranging from extra-warm white (827) to cool white (840) and sometimes daylight (860 or 865).

Please refer to our colour reference table for more information.

Compact Fluorescent FAQ

Why does my CFL "rattle"?

This is quite normal, most CFLs rattle with parts designed by the manufacturer and doesn't necessarily mean it is faulty.

Which version of CFL is dimmable? The only dimmable versions are the 4-pin lamps, using the correct control gear. 2-pin lamps aren't dimmable.

What does Osram Dulux, Philips Master, GE Biax and Sylvania Lynx mean?

These names are the Manufacturer and brand name of the CFL that you have.

For further help identifying your bulb open the link below to view our identification manual:- *